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“With more than 300 articles, blog posts and press releases published for my clients, you can be sure that I’ll engage your readers so they read and love your content, and I’ll turn your copy into customer magnets. I look forward to working with you!” 

My Approach

Quality content that people will read. Quality copy that people will respond to.

I get the following from you:

  • Your audience & the tone of the content
  • The goal of the content/copy

Then I take this and, along with some reasonable research, create a piece of content that reaches your audience and accomplishes your intended goal.


You will never have to worry about plagiarism because I simply will not allow it under any circumstances.

You need someone like me!

Why should you hire me? Here are 5 reasons:

  1. I have written more than 300 pieces of results-driven content for clients, including blog posts, web pages, press releases, and one ebook of 20,000 words…with glowing reviews!
  2. Communication problems should never be a problem, because you’ll be dealing directly with the writer – ME! 
  3. You will be paying me directly,  so you won’t have to worry about whether or not the editor is short-changing the writer. 
  4. I am my own editor, but I will also work with you and/or your editor. I’ve been self-editing for more than a decade, and that is a large reason why I produce quality.
  5. I will give priority to your deadlines. If there’s a conflict, I will discuss it directly with you. After all, life happens and we can’t always help that. But in general, meeting your timeline is a priority in cementing our business relationship.

Contact Me

Email: or

Text: (612) 293-0418…no voice until further notice

Skype: Mark Underdahl


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