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“I’ll help you engage your readers so they read and love your content, and I’ll turn your copy into customer magnets. I look forward to working with you!: – Mark Underdahl

My Approach

Quality content that people will read. Quality copy that people will respond to.

I have worked for content mills or brokers, whatever you wish to call them. Some of that work entailed rewrites, where I would redo the content because it was either poorly written, or worse yet, blatantly plagiarized. I rewrote quite a bit of content in the last year.

What website owner in their right mind would published plagiarized content on their website? I don’t know of any. It’s online suicide for your business. So don’t ever do that.

What you should do instead is hire someone who actually does research on your topic and formulates content that will speak to the target audience you identify to me – whether it’s keeping your readers engaged or guiding them to your call to action.

You need someone like me!

Why should you hire me? Here are 5 reasons:

  1. You will be dealing directly with the writer – ME – so your communication to me is DIRECT, and not second-hand through a middle man. So communication problems should be minimal, if not eliminated.
  2. You will be getting QUALITY content and copy that is written by me, and me alone. This is a plagiarism-free zone, and I will give you the very best that you pay for.
  3. You will be paying me directly,  so you won’t have to worry about whether or not the editor is short-changing the writer. 
  4. I am my own editor. Of course, if you feel the content needs tweaking, I’ll be glad to clarify those details with you. I’ve been self-editing for more than a decade, and that is a large reason why I produce quality.
  5. I will give priority to your deadlines. If there’s a conflict, I will discuss it directly with you. After all, life happens and we can’t always help that. But in general, meeting your timeline is an important part of cementing our business relationship.

Contact Me

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Text: (612) 293-0418…no voice until further notice

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