Web Content

Give me your web pages – If you I’ll freshen up your niche content, and give your readers reason to respond to your calls of action.

Blog posts – I will gladly provide informative posts for your blog – either one-time or on a regular basis.

Your investment: $0.10 per word (ten cents per word)

Ebook Writing or Ghostwriting

I’ve written enough ebooks to know how hard it can be. If you have an idea for one, but you’re just too scared to get the project going, just leave it to me. I will not only produce the manuscript; I can format the ebook with a table of contents and add images if you need them. 

Your Investment: $0.25 per word, including research, formatting and images.


Getting the attention of your readers and prospects is one thing; getting them to take action is another. Tell me who your audience is, what you want them to do, and I’ll write your copy to make it happen. 

Your Investment: Flat fee, depending on project. Here are a few examples:
  • Sales Pages – $100 per page
  • Press Releases – $50 per page
  • Email sequences – $35 per email

Please contact me if you don’t see your project listed here. I’ll work out a fair deal for you.

Do you need an ongoing writer for an ongoing project?

Maybe you need so many blog posts per week or month. Maybe you need several web pages rewritten or freshened up. Feel free to tell me what your particular needs are, and we’ll work it out.

Product Creation

Online marketers always need to create new products for their herd or tribe. But when you feel dry of ideas, it helps to have an “outsider” who can give you a fresh perspective. Email me with your details.


Next Steps…

To request a quote, please go to my Contact Me page and send me your details!